Katelyn DeBacker

Age: 25 Hometown: Santa Fe, NM Occupation: Radiochemist

Katelyn DeBacker, a 25-year-old Radiochemist from Santa Fe, New Mexico, embodies a blend of beauty, intelligence, and remarkable achievements. Purchasing her first home at a young age of 23 showcases her determination and sets the stage for her ambitious future endeavors in the field of medicine. Beyond her professional pursuits, Katelyn finds solace in hiking amidst the scenic landscapes, delving into the fantastical worlds woven by Sarah J. Maas in her novels, and savoring moments at local cocktail bars. Proud of her Vietnamese heritage, she yearns for a partner who embraces and cherishes her cultural background alongside her. Moreover, she seeks a supportive, adventurous, and feminist-minded partner to accompany her on life’s journey. Firmly believing in the concept of soulmates, Katelyn hopes for a profound connection with Joey, nurturing the prospect of their compatibility as a potential match.