Kelsey Toussant

Age: 31 Hometown: Los Angeles, CA Occupation: Actor

Kelsey T. Toussant, a 31-year-old actor from Los Angeles, California, embodies a contagious blend of joy and ambition that brightens every space she enters. Describing herself as understanding, adventurous, and poised for a lifetime adventure with Joey, Kelsey brings a wealth of experience from multiple long-term relationships, including an engagement. Confident in her readiness to fall in love anew, she seeks a partner who values the thoughtfulness she invests in their relationship. During her leisure hours, Kelsey indulges in game nights with her close-knit circle, cherishes moments with her extensive family, and thrives in beach volleyball matches. Known for her tendency to dive headfirst into love when the right person appears, she’s prepared to take Joey on an exhilarating journey of emotional depth.