Khalid Hassan

Age: 29 Hometown: Dearborn, MI Occupation: Tech Recruiter

Hailing from Dearborn, Michigan, Khalid Hassan is a genuine and compassionate soul who is eagerly searching for his perfect match. With a big Muslim family and seven siblings, he values the importance of close-knit bonds and hopes that Charity is ready to join the lively family gatherings. When he’s not working as a tech recruiter, Khalid finds solace in the gym and finds joy in listening to the soulful melodies of SZA. A true romantic at heart, he saves his most heartfelt gestures for that special someone who can truly sweep him off his feet. Khalid’s interests include reading gaming magazines, yearning for the power of teleportation, and nurturing dreams of owning his own farm someday. Will Charity be the one to capture Khalid’s heart?