Madina Alam

Age: 31 Hometown: Charlotte, NC Occupation: Mental Health Therapist

Madina Alam, a 31-year-old Mental Health Therapist residing in Charlotte, North Carolina, exudes both beauty and warmth from her close-knit Bangladeshi roots. Her description as ambitious, loyal, and caring mirrors her dedication to her profession, where she finds fulfillment in assisting individuals through transformative journeys. Balancing her career with personal interests such as exercise, dance, and the comforting allure of “The Great British Bake Off,” Madina feels a deep sense of gratitude but seeks that one missing piece—a genuine connection with a mature, empathetic partner who values genuine presence over digital distractions during their shared moments. With a belief that true love is imminent, Madina steps into this journey with hope, poised to discover an authentic and lasting bond with someone who resonates with her compassionate soul. As she embarks on this quest for love, Madina’s genuine warmth and earnest desire for a profound connection with Joey create a canvas for potential chemistry and heartfelt romance.