Marcus Shoberg

Age: 31 Hometown: Raleigh, NC Occupation: Army Ranger Veteran

Marcus Shoberg, a 31-year-old Army Ranger veteran from Raleigh, North Carolina, is a real-life superhero. The military veteran and Harvard alum is so excited to meet Jenn and hopes she’s the kind, honest, humble woman for whom he’s been searching. Marcus is a man of humility and wants to start a life with someone who shares his core values. When he isn’t working hard toward his career and his future, Marcus loves going rock climbing with friends and grilling on a Saturday night. Marcus has been in love before and is ready to settle down and start a family with his perfect match. Fun facts about Marcus include his love for binge-watching “New Girl,” his dream of becoming an astronaut, and his favorite flower being the edelweiss because it’s a symbol of dedication.