Marlena Haddad

Age: 26 Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL Occupation: Finance Writer

Marlena Haddad, a 26-year-old Finance Writer hailing from West Palm Beach, Florida, seeks a committed partnership rooted in emotional vulnerability. Eager to find a man unafraid of showing his sensitive side, Marlena values openness and hopes Joey will reveal his heartfelt emotions. Described by loved ones as optimistic, loyal, and resilient, she envisions her future, aiming to be married with two children while continuing her passion for fostering rescue dogs. Her ultimate aspiration is to embrace the role of a parent, eagerly anticipating her “soccer mom” phase. As she embarks on this journey, Marlena’s genuine warmth and hopeful spirit pave the way for a heartfelt connection, eagerly anticipating a reciprocated depth of affection from Joey.