Matt Arnold

Age: 27 Hometown: Atlanta, GA Occupation: Insurance Executive

Matt Arnold, a 27-year-old insurance executive from Atlanta, Georgia, is a southern boy ready to find love. Matt’s family and friends describe him as genuine, open-minded, and loyal. He is passionate about his work in his family’s insurance business and is truly ready to be “wifed-up.” When he’s not working, Matt loves going hiking, making music, and spending time with his beloved dog, Nina. He’s also really into meditation and hopes to find a woman who is all Zen, no drama. Matt’s dream date is exploring a museum with the woman of his dreams and talking about all the different art pieces. His parents are still together and very much in love, so he’s looking for a love story like theirs. Fun facts about Matt include his goal to climb Mount Everest, his wish for the ability to teleport, and being the only person in his entire family with red hair. Hopefully, Matt will go from Zen to Jenn!