Samantha “Sam” Hale

Age: 31 Hometown: Nashville, TN Occupation: CPA

Samantha “Sam H.” Hale, a 31-year-old CPA from Nashville, Tennessee, epitomizes a spirited approach to life, embracing spontaneity and daring adventures in her quest for genuine love. Having transitioned from the bustling life of a New Yorker, Sam fearlessly explores opportunities and risks in pursuit of lasting romance. While excelling in her career, she cherishes vibrant nights relishing pizza and margaritas with friends, but she longs for a partner willing to prioritize their relationship above all else, seeking the profound love that echoes her parents’ bond. Having encountered casual dating in Nashville, Sam’s heart yearns for a devoted partner, envisioning a relationship akin to her parents’, which inspires her readiness to settle down and dream of a destination wedding. Will she find that with Joey?