Samaun “Sam” Nejad

Age: 25 Hometown: Carlsbad, CA Occupation: Entrepreneur

Samaun “Sam N.” Nejad, a 25-year-old entrepreneur from Carlsbad, California, has unmatched energy. Coming from a big Persian family, Sam N. hopes to meet his dream woman to welcome into his world. His family’s approval of anyone he dates is extremely important to him. Driven and adventurous, Sam N. wants to take his future wife on thrilling dates like zip lining. When he’s not working, he loves watching rom-coms and spending time with his dog, Wagmi. Fun facts about Sam N. include being a huge prankster, loving getting his eyebrows threaded to keep them #OnFleek, and enjoying listening to Elvis Presley’s love songs. Sam N. and Wagmi are a package deal, so hopefully Jenn is ready for some puppy love!