Sandra Rabadi

Age: 26 Hometown: Nashville, TN Occupation: Cybersecurity Consultant

Sandra Rabadi, a 26-year-old Cybersecurity Consultant from Nashville, Tennessee, embodies a perfect blend of beauty, diligence, and compassion. With her life meticulously organized, from career achievements to a thriving social circle, Sandra is now poised to be part of the dynamic power couple she’s long envisioned. Her deep-rooted love for love itself resonates in her desire for a future husband who doubles as her best friend, reflecting her earnest quest for a profound connection. When not immersed in her cybersecurity role, Sandra finds joy in watching “Suits,” globe-trotting, and embarking on spirited walks with her girlfriends. Thriving on the anticipation of finding love, Sandra is thrilled at the unique opportunity “The Bachelor” presents to uncover a potential connection with Joey.