Xavier Bonner

Age: 28 Hometown: Carrboro, NC Occupation: Biomedical Scientist

Standing tall at 6-foot-6, Xavier Bonner is not only an accomplished 27-year-old biomedical scientist hailing from Carrboro, North Carolina, but he also possesses a unique blend of intelligence and charm. With a genuine desire to bring joy to his future wife, Xavier showers his partner with heartfelt compliments. Inspired by his parents’ enduring 30-year marriage, he seeks a relationship that embodies the same love and devotion. As Xavier and Charity embark on their journey, their chemistry will be put to the test. When he’s not immersed in scientific research, Xavier finds solace in the art of knitting and indulges in the thrill of gaming on his self-built computer. Xavier’s dream first date? A heart-pounding adventure of skydiving together.