Chris “CT” Tamburello

Age: 44 Hometown: Boston, MA

Chris “CT” Tamburello, a legendary figure from Boston, Massachusetts, is 43 years old and first gained fame on “The Real World: Paris.” CT’s illustrious career on “The Challenge” spans multiple seasons, including “The Inferno,” “The Gauntlet III,” “Rivals II,” “Invasion of the Champions,” “War of the Worlds 2,” “Double Agents,” and “Spies, Lies & Allies,” among others. Known for his strength and strategic acumen, he has amassed an impressive 55 daily wins and 11 eliminations (6 wins, 5 losses). CT’s track record includes winning four main seasons and conquering both redemption and mercenary eliminations. His total winnings amount to $1,375,000. In “Champs vs. Stars,” he further showcased his prowess by winning both seasons he participated in, raising $112,950 for charity. CT’s blend of tenacity, physical prowess, and strategic brilliance has cemented his status as one of the greatest competitors in “The Challenge” history.