6 Must-Watch Reality TV Shows That Are Popular Among Students

By Admin

June 27th, 2022

Reality TV shows bring drama, romance, and real-life experiences that are usually intriguing and offer a good pastime activity after a long day of classes or studying. Blocking the chaos, lying on the couch, and getting lost in other people’s reality is a guilty pleasure for most people. Humans are generally fascinated with how others live, making reality TV a thriving industry with thousands of shows available for consumption. There is something for everyone in the reality TV scene. Whether you prefer cultural fusion, family, or dating reality, there is always a show to binge-watch. Here is a list of 6 must-watch reality shows that are loved by students.

The Bachelor

Nothing beats a good love story. For over 20 years, The Bachelor has brought fairy love stories. The show has considerable fan engagement on social media platforms, with the majority of the viewers being young individuals, especially students. Viewers hold discussions and debates on podcasts and recap episodes about their preferred partner. Moreover, The Bachelor is a significant part of modern pop culture, and thus, watching it allows students to engage in popular conversations on social media, especially since the younger generation enjoys live tweeting, creating memes, and following participants on social media, which enhances the entire watching experience. The dramatic storylines and romantic fantasy provide the best escapism from the school tensions. They help clear mental fatigue and put you in the right state for doing homework. So, if you are always unmotivated to write your assignments and have to postpone them or use a paper writing service, then maybe what you need is a bit of relaxation, and binge-watching The Bachelor can provide that.

The Circle

The Circle is one of the most popular reality shows with the concept that has captured the hearts of most students. It offers a new spin on reality television by merging social gameplay with the appeal of online identities, which is perfect for individuals who are interested in interpersonal relations and the digital world. The show mainly consists of the social media aspect, where the contestants communicate through a voice-controlled interface called “The Circle.” Contestants can be whoever they want to be, which leads to the development of strategies like deceit to stay longer in the show and gain fame.

Each new season brings new characters to the show, thus making it more interesting than being a repeat of previous seasons. The Circle also raises different themes that are common in the digital world, including catfishing, online dating, and online personas. The target audience of the show includes students, which is a large group of social media users, making the show more relevant. Some of the features of the show include the possibility of new contestants joining the show or some contestants being eliminated, and this makes one wait for the next episode. The Circle helps the audience to reconsider their own virtual life and the people they meet there.

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is an entrepreneurial reality television show where entrepreneurs present their business ideas to a panel of investors, known as sharks. The entrepreneurs are only allowed to present their ideas to the sharks for ten minutes before they are allowed to discuss the terms and conditions of the business and its future sustainability with the sharks, who are investors. If the investors are interested in the idea, then they can invest in the business. The show is educational and especially beneficial for students who want to become involved in the entrepreneurship industry.

Big Brother

Big Brother is usually a social experiment that shows contestants living together in a house, under 24/7 surveillance, without access to the outside world. Contestants are not allowed to have phones and must engage in challenges and strategic gameplay to avoid evictions. Big Brother has a big social media following where fans discuss the housemates’ strategies and rally behind their favorite contestants to win a cash prize. The show is intriguing since you watch how strangers can connect within three months in a confined space without any contact from outside. The fights and emotional rollercoasters the housemates go through make the show more entertaining and relatable. Every new season comes with new housemates; thus, Big Brother fans always look to see and support the new faces introduced to them every season.


Survivor is among the first reality TV shows that kicked off the craze and is among the top successful reality shows ever produced. The show combines strategic gameplay, drama, and real-life survival skills, which promises a multifaceted viewing experience. The show requires contestants to collaborate and develop strategies, making it engaging and stimulating to watch. Survivor can be an antidote to your long and tiresome days, and you might even find yourself diving into the witty and passionate fandom surrounding the show. While some people watch it because of FOMO so they are not left out in social media discussions surrounding the show, others enjoy the strange and physical challenges the contestants are given.


There are a number of reasons why people watch cooking reality shows. Some do it for leisure, others to gain experience in cooking or to learn some basic cooking lessons. Whether you are in it for the love of food or any other reason, you will accomplish it with MasterChef. MasterChef is a competition show that also focuses on the culinary aspect of the contestants, making it an interesting reality show. The competition is intense, and this generates tension and at the same time, the elimination of the contestants builds up anticipation for the next episode. It also has different challenges, which makes the show more interesting as it has mystery box challenges, elimination, and pressure tests.

Closing Remarks

Whether you like drama, tension, plot twists, or a good romance story, the reality TV industry has something for everyone. Reality shows allow you to detach from your reality momentarily and live in other people’s reality as they navigate various challenges or parts of their broadcasted lives. Having such a moment is always suitable for students, especially those looking to take a break from the emotional rollercoaster that comes with being a student. The shows discussed above are some of the excellent ones that will give the thrill of reality TV.