Reality TV Shows to Binge-Watch Between Classes in College

By Admin

June 27th, 2022

It is common to see students taking time in front of their laptops catching up with their favorite television shows. The shows are often informative or entertaining and allow a student to relax their mind as they wait for the next class. Here is a compilation of some fantastic reality shows to binge-watch between classes.

Skin Wars

One reason why collegians feel unmotivated to do assignments and end up delegating them to professional writers at an essay writing service is mental exhaustion from long lectures. Skin Wars will refresh your mind between classes and leave you in a good mood to handle schoolwork. It is a creative reality show where different talented body painters compete to get prizes. The participants create entirely new people with stunning art on their skin by transforming individuals into art forms through a variety of artistic methods. The show will introduce you to a whole new world where many talented artists compete and showcase their skills. Each competitor is lovable, and the judge is RuPaul Charles, who pushes their creativity to the next level. There are three seasons of the show, giving you many episodes to binge-watch.

The Great British Bake Off

The only thing that is better than eating a freshly baked cake is watching people bake the cake. The show has five seasons, so before watching it, ensure your appetite is ready for wholesome and mouthwatering content. The show involves a tent filled with British bakers who come together to take part in a rigorous baking challenge with the goal of being crowned star baker. This competition is worth watching to get you into a competitive mood when going to your next class.


Survivor is one of the most engaging reality shows. The show is a long one with 40 seasons, and it features many impressive contestants who are stuck in a remote location, and they have no more than their clothes. The lone survivor of the show is awarded a million dollars. Each episode has challenges, and the contestant’s physical and emotional resolve is significantly tested. The competitiveness of the competition is worth watching for a student.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

The show is hosted by RuPaul, and it is about a drag competition that features drag queens competing through various challenges with the goal of becoming the next drag superstar in America. The competition is a high-energy one with a lot of entertainment, featuring lip-sync battles and extravagant runway shows. There is also plenty of drama and humor that the queens bring. It’s highly entertaining and will give you perfect breaks between the long lectures. If you always find it hard to do your assignments after classes and have to rely on essay services such as those mentioned at, an episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race can help you unwind and set you in the right mood for writing an assignment.

Glow Up

If you are a fan of makeup, Glow Up is the show for you. It draws various makeup artists who compete to become America’s next makeup star. It is one of the best feel-good reality shows of the past decade. You will find yourself falling in love with some of the artists, and if you become too attached, you might even cry when you see their success. The talent they have is inspiring and beautiful. It has four seasons and will give you enough episodes to take you through a semester.

The Challenge

The show only features those who participated in “The Real World” and “Road Rules,” and the contestants are subjected to different physical and mental challenges. Many aspects make this show worth watching, and the first is the intense competition. All the challenges are extremely physically and mentally demanding, and the contestants are pushed to the limit. Secondly, many personal rivalries are displayed in the show, and the drama from the rivalries adds to the show’s excitement.

Nailed It!

If you like trying out cooking new dishes and posting them on social media, Nailed It! is the show for you. In the baking series, rookie bakers attempt to cook professional pastries, and many of the incidents end up in disaster. Rather than making fun of the bakers and their efforts, the show’s judges are kind and provide encouragement every step of the way. This show can provide you with the baker’s support group you never realized you needed.

Love Island

We all know how love and relationships are an integral part of college life, and it is important to include shows that reflect this. Love Island is a show where singles are placed in a luxurious villa, and they must couple up to remain in the competition. As the seasons progress, new contestants arrive, and the contestants are always tested through different challenges, including recoupling and dates. The primary goal of the contest is to find love and the favor of members of the public. The constant drama from the show can keep you engaged and get you in the next class feeling energetic. There is also romance, and you will enjoy watching genuine connections form and many romantic gestures that can give you a tip or two about enhancing your relationship.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have similar plots, but the format is gender-reversed. In the shows, a single man or woman dates various contestants and gradually eliminates them until only one contestant remains and they get engaged. It is another romantic show that can help you with relationship issues. It is associated with many grand gestures, including exotic dates and romantic gestures, making it captivating for viewing.

The Amazing Race

We cannot finish the list of reality shows to binge-watch in college without mentioning The Amazing Race. The show features a competition where teams of two race all over the world and face different mental challenges and obstacles. The race is long and goes through various countries, and people complete different tasks throughout. The first team to reach the destination is rewarded with a cash prize. The show will allow you to watch the exhilarating race and explore different cultures as your famous contestants make their way across countries.

Parting Shot

There are many reality shows you can watch between classes to help you pass the time and keep you engaged in attending the next class. The above list provides reality shows of different genres; pick those that best fit your tastes and desires and enjoy them throughout the semester.