How To Play Fantasy BIP

How do fantasy leagues for Bachelor In Paradise work?

The Official Bachelor in Paradise Fantasy League is Underway!

The Bachelorette has come to an end, and it’s time for everyone’s favorite debauchery-filled guilty pleasure show to return to our TVs.

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about how the Bachelor in Paradise fantasy league works, so we thought we’d lay out all the details in one convenient location.


Q: Why is there only one game type to choose from?

A: This is our Advanced game and, trust us, you’ll love it. Because the contestants switch out so frequently in BIP, it doesn’t really make sense to make conventional bracket picks. Many of the contestants who will appear on this season won’t even be announced during the first episode and some you won’t even see until the second half of the season. That’s why there is only one game type for Bachelor in Paradise, which is our Advanced game!


Q: Okay, great. So how does the Advanced game type work?

A: In our Advanced game type, you will choose a team of contestants for each episode that will win or lose you points based on things that happen.


Q: What kinds of things?

A: Glad you asked. Our full list of rules for this season can be found here. Some can be earned repetitively, others can only be earned once.


Q: How often can I change who is on my team?

A: You’ll be able to choose new contestants after every episode.

Have other questions we didn’t answer? Let us know & we’ll add them to our FAQ. Not sure where to get started? We encourage you to join our Official Bracketology Community, or Create a League of your own!

Fantasy League Game Types

Bracketology offers just one game type for fantasy Bachelor in Paradise, but it’s the most fun, engaging, and unpredictable one! Learn more about the Advanced game type below!

Draft a new team of contestants each week & win or lose points based on what they do or say.

Pick Frequency: Weekly


Tune in weekly on Mondays to watch Bachelor in Paradise on ABC. Scores are posted within your league and on the scoring recap pages here and here a few hours after the show airs, so check back to track your scores and see how you performed. Will you be walking away with a (championship) ring at the end of the season? Good luck.