Game Types: Advanced

Our most popular game type. It’s like fantasy football, but for reality TV.

Bracketology Game Types: Advanced​

Select a team of contestants each week and win (or lose!) points based on things they say or do, outlined in the rules below. You will set a new lineup for every episode, and you can choose the same contestants or mix it up each time. Picks will lock for each episode when the episode starts in Eastern Time.

Point categories that can be included in a season are as follows:

One Time Bonuses/Penalties

These can only be received by one contestant, one time during the season. Once a bonus has been awarded, it will be crossed out & is no longer available for the rest of the season.

Positive Points

Can be earned once per episode per contestant, and can also be earned by multiple contestants. The most common way for a contestant to earn points.

Negative Points

Can be deducted once per episode per contestant, and can also be deducted from multiple contestants.

Custom Rules for Every Show

Every reality TV show on Bracketology has custom Advanced Game Rules based on the most important actions and classic tropes for each show. Click on a box below to view the custom rules.

For Our Visual Learners

Our CEO, Jonah, explains how the Advanced Game Type works below.


Other Fantasy Game Types

Bracketology offers four different game types, but not all shows allow for all four game types to be played. Each league can play in up to 3 game types per season. Learn more about the other game types below!