Rose Rundown: Summer’s For The Girls

By Bracketology

June 7th, 2024

Greetings from the Bachelor Nation dead zone, where we anxiously await the next season premiere, brace ourselves for the inevitable off-season breakups, and try to come to terms with the fact that Bachelor in Paradise is almost certainly not happening this year. If you’ve been checked out since Joey’s season ended – here’s what you’ve missed.

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Jenn’s Season Promises to Be Unprecedented

Starting with the fact that not a single minute of it takes place in the Bachelor Mansion. After finding out she was The Bachelorette literally the day before filming started, Jenn Tran kicked off filming for her season at The Hummingbird Ranch, before immediately heading overseas. The first promo video for her season was released last week – with a vibe that is decidedly different than promos past.

Our First Ever Golden Bachelorette Has Been Announced

Can We Steal You for a Sec?

  • An update as short as their marriage. After saying ‘I do’ in a televised wedding in January, Gerry & Theresa have officially filed for divorce. There are many theories as to what ultimately caused the split, but the couple’s inability to choose a state to live in seems to be a key factor. Probably something you want to figure out before getting married? Just a thought.
  • In our last Rose Rundown, we highlighted Victoria Fuller’s 1st anniversary with the ‘love of her life’ Greg Grippo, but as Taylor Swift recently taught us, the first ‘l’ in ‘loml’ can go from ‘love’ to ‘loss’ real quick. The couple officially called it quits in April. Seems like there was minimal drama, and they wish each other nothing but the best.
  • Susan, an early front-runner for the Golden Bachelorette role, took herself out of the running – when she started dating a man after he asked her for a selfie at Marshall’s.

Do It for the Gram

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Not everyone is breaking up: Kaity & Zach continue to be “obsessed with everything” about each other. The pair announced in April that their wedding is set for October 2025. (H/T: @kaitybiggar, The Bachelor Season 27)
A Bachelor baby is on the way: After opening up about their infertility struggles, former Bachelor Colton & his husband are expecting their first child via surrogate this fall. (H/T: @coltonunderwood, The Bachelor Season 23)
Happy 29th birthday, Joey: He celebrated by creating a bucket list of 30 things he wants to do before he turns 30 – with ‘Kelsey, Family, and Friends.’ Hope it’s his best year yet. (H/T: @_kelsey_anderson, The Bachelor Season 28)