Brian Autz

Age: 33 Hometown: Boynton Beach, FL Occupation: Aesthetics Consultant

Brian Autz, a charismatic 33-year-old aesthetics consultant originally from Boynton Beach, Florida, brings both humor and heart to the table. With a personality as big as his Long Island accent, Brian made the bold move to the Sunshine State to chase his dreams and soak up the warm weather. Eager to find his perfect match, he envisions meeting a strong and confident partner, someone with whom he can build a future filled with love and laughter. When he’s not busy helping others feel their most beautiful selves, Brian cherishes moments with his family, particularly doting on his nieces and nephews. Coming from a proud lineage of service, with parents who served in the NYPD and FDNY, Brian embodies a sense of duty and loyalty. Despite his fear of sharks, Brian’s adventurous spirit yearns for experiences like scuba diving with these majestic creatures. And as an unabashed enthusiast of Botox, he’s not afraid to show his love for it. An avid follower of celebrity relationships, Brian admires the bond between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, proudly declaring himself a confirmed Swiftie. With excitement bubbling over, Brian eagerly awaits the chance to embark on his journey to find love once again.