Lexi Young

Age: 30 Hometown: Atlanta, GA Occupation: Digital Strategist

Lexi Young, a 30-year-old Digital Strategist from Atlanta, Georgia, embodies a sweet, determined soul seeking her perfect match. Graduating in the top 1% of her MBA program at MIT, her intelligence is matched only by her loyalty, kindness, and longing for stability after a childhood marked by over 15 relocations. Ready to share her successes with a partner, Lexi is a “ride or die” when it comes to love, yearning for someone to stand by her through thick and thin. Her leadership as a former Resident Advisor and her determination to run a marathon showcase her drive and commitment, reflecting her passionate pursuit of personal goals and meaningful connections. Lexi’s journey on “The Bachelor” is a quest for enduring love, hoping to return home hand in hand with Joey.