Lanie Latsios

Age: 27 Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Occupation: Realtor

Lanie Latsios, a 27-year-old realtor based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a spirited adventure-seeker, destined to uncover new experiences within “The Bachelor” journey. Her infectious positivity and effervescent personality illuminate every space she enters, stemming from her heart of gold. Hailing from a vibrant Polish/Greek family, anchored by her parents’ enduring 30-year marriage, Lanie seeks a love akin to their steadfast bond—a love that’s emotionally mature and available, steering clear of the complexities of “situationships.” Lanie’s vibrant energy and genuine quest for an enduring connection set the stage for an engaging encounter with Joey. As she embarks on this journey in search of lasting love, Joey might find himself captivated by her zest for life, hopeful for shared dreams and a future woven with adventures yet to be explored.