How to Find Balance and Joy in Your Weight Loss Journey

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May 13th, 2023

In society, individuals facing weight challenges may encounter stigma, potentially contributing to feelings of depression and further weight gain. While genetics may influence weight, factors like stress from work or other life issues can also contribute to these challenges. To combat this, some companies globally are taking proactive steps by fostering environments that prioritize well-being and enjoyment.

Stability and happiness in fitness

For example, certain casinos reviewed on Slotozilla have implemented policies that support the mental and physical health of their patrons. Instead of succumbing to depression and societal stigma due to excess weight, empower yourself with activities that promote balance and joy and support your weight loss journey.

How Do People Gain Weight?

Various factors can impact an individual’s fitness level, with specific overarching elements frequently linked to weight gain or obesity. Weight management dynamics are intricate and multifaceted, with several significant factors typically at play. Recognizing these dynamics aids in formulating effective weight management strategies and promoting holistic health.


As was mentioned before, biology and involuntary actions contribute to weight gain. A typical illustration of this is when individuals inherit genes predisposing them to overweight tendencies, mirroring those of family members in similar situations.

Mental Health

Mental health significantly affects how we manage our weight. For example, feelings of sadness or stress can lead someone to eat more, often choosing comfort foods that are high in calories. This increase in eating can lead to weight gain. Additionally, being stressed or depressed can make someone feel too tired or unmotivated to exercise, which also contributes to gaining weight. Addressing mental health issues is important for maintaining a healthy weight, as it helps individuals make better choices about diet and exercise.


To promote a healthy lifestyle and elevate fitness levels, exercise is encouraged in our daily routines. While this may present a unique opportunity for individuals who enjoy the excitement of activities, there are plenty of enjoyable ways to stay active and maintain a positive balance. By discovering physical activities that align with personal interests, gamblers and enthusiasts alike can cultivate a fulfilling approach to fitness that contributes to their overall well-being and enjoyment.

Poor Eating Habits

This is arguably the most common factor that leads to being overweight. Some people fancy eating junk food with high calories and a higher tendency of leading to weight gain.

Reasons People Want to Lose Weight

A plus-sized person may face various types of discrimination and miss out on opportunities. Here are some of the negative experiences that might motivate an individual to start a fitness program:


Stigmatization is the most common negative treatment a plus-sized person is subjected to. They interact less with people, leading to minimum or no friends and poor social life. Despite the right to social interaction, stigmatization is widespread and socially tolerated, though not legally addressed as a crime.

To cope, many overweight individuals may withdraw from in-person interactions, turning to online games or alcohol as temporary solaces. However, these are not long-term solutions to the underlying issue of social stigmatization.


Another popular problem faced by plus-sized people is bullying. They tend to experience physical and mental bullying as a result of their body. They become subjected to different types of insults, including body shaming and possibly physical assaults. Experiencing this, the individual would undoubtedly need to undergo weight loss.

Loss of Job Opportunities

People might be forced to give up on their dream jobs because they gained more weight than necessary. Some jobs, like acting and modeling, have a specific weight requirement. If you don’t fall within the requirements, you lose the job.

General Methods of Weight Loss

In the journey of weight loss, general methods are very common among people who are very determined and desperate to get quick results if done correctly. Some of these methods include:

  • Exercises: Medical practitioners advise including exercise in our daily routine to help improve our health and expand our life span. Being overweight could result from excess fats in the body, which is unhealthy for a human. Exercise can help to burn these excess fats that are secreted as sweat.
  • Dieting: This would involve strict planning by the individual to consume a balanced meal containing all six food classes frequently and also reduce the intake of non-nutritional meals (junk food).
  • Surgery: You might have taken note of this in some fitness shows. This is usually a last resort when an individual needs to get the desired results from the exercises and diet. In this process, the individual seeks medical involvement, where the surgeons are to extract the excess fats present in the body.

How Do You Gain Balance and Joy While Losing Weight?

Although the general methods practiced by people are scientifically backed up and have proven effective if done properly, these methods take more than the fitness they give. Instead of these general methods, these methods promise results alongside balance and joy.

  • Set goals within your reach: One mistake people tend to make regarding weight loss is setting a high standard that is way above what they can achieve. Put your goals to a level you can attain, not to a level you think would look best on you.
  • Eat what you like: Vegetables and smoothies are only for some. In general diet schemes, these foods are important; however, it is advised to eat what you like, provided it is healthy and keep the junk to a minimum. This would have a positive impact on you rather than a negative.
  • Have fun: Surprised? Don’t be. Having fun, like visiting the parks, clubs, or other events, could be helpful. The activities carried out in these events are indirect exercises; hence, you can lose weight happily while having fun.

Difference Between the General and the Fun Methods of Losing Weight

Weight loss can be attained using either of these methods; however, the benefits and repercussions of these methods differ. Additionally, the process to be used depends on the individual’s preference. These are some differences between the two methods of weight loss.

General Method

The diet is fixed, The exercises are mandatory, and The effect might be extreme.

Fun Method

The diet is dependent on your choice of food, The exercise is done voluntarily, and The effects are within the requirement.

Final Thoughts

You might have noticed the use of the phrase ‘if done properly’ when addressing the general weight loss methods because these steps require a lot of consistency and dedication, and any diversion could lead to much more weight than you previously had. However, in the fun mode, consistency might be helpful but unnecessary and cannot lead to fatal effects. It is also essential to love yourself irrespective of the method you choose.