Devin Walker-Molaghan

Age: 35 Hometown: Northampton, MA

Devin Walker, a strategic and outspoken competitor from Northampton, Massachusetts, is 35 years old. Known for his appearance on “Are You the One? 3,” Devin has made a significant impact on “The Challenge” with appearances in seasons like “Rivals III,” “Dirty 30,” “Vendettas,” “Final Reckoning,” “Double Agents,” and “Spies, Lies & Allies,” where he reached the finals. Devin’s career boasts 11 daily wins and 8 eliminations (6 wins, 2 losses), including a redemption challenge and a mercenary elimination victory. His competitive spirit extends to “Champs vs. Stars 2,” where he earned 2 daily wins and raised $950 for charity. With total earnings of $461,500, Devin continues to be a strategic force in “The Challenge” universe, known for his wit, gameplay, and dedication to the game.