Katie Cooley

Age: 45 Hometown: Keller, TX

Katie Cooley, a seasoned competitor from Keller, Texas, is 45 years old. Best known for her origins on “Road Rules: The Quest,” Katie has left a lasting impact on “The Challenge” with appearances in numerous seasons. Her notable achievements include winning “The Inferno” and accumulating a total of 36 daily wins throughout her career. Katie has participated in 10 eliminations, securing 4 wins but also experiencing 6 losses. Her resilience and competitive spirit were evident in seasons such as “The Gauntlet 2,” where she reached the final, and “The Duel II.” In “All Stars,” Katie continued to showcase her determination, competing in “All Stars 1” and “All Stars 2.” Despite facing challenges, Katie’s career earnings stand at $41,071, reflecting her enduring presence and contributions to the competitive reality television landscape.