Jonna Mannion

Age: 35 Hometown: Tempe, AZ

Jonna Mannion, a versatile competitor originally from Tempe, Arizona, is 35 years old. Known for her appearance on “The Real World: Cancun,” Jonna has made her mark on “The Challenge” with appearances in seasons like “Rivals,” “Battle of the Seasons (2012),” “Rivals II,” “Free Agents,” “Battle of the Exes II,” and “Battle of the Eras.” Her career highlights include 6 daily wins and participation in 7 eliminations, with 2 wins and 5 losses. Jonna’s competitive spirit and adaptability were evident in “All Stars,” where she excelled in seasons like “All Stars 2” and “All Stars 3,” winning both and securing 4 daily wins along with 2 elimination victories. Her total earnings amount to an impressive $500,000, reflecting her dedication and success in the competition. Jonna’s contributions to “The Challenge” universe continue to showcase her resilience and strategic gameplay, making her a respected competitor among fans and fellow contestants alike.