Emily Schromm

Age: 35 Hometown: Columbia, MO

Emily Schromm, a formidable competitor from Columbia, Missouri, is 35 years old. She first gained recognition on “The Real World: D.C.” before showcasing her strength and determination on “The Challenge.” Emily’s impressive career includes appearances in seasons such as “Cutthroat,” where she reached the final, “Battle of the Exes,” where she also made it to the final, and “Rivals II,” which she won alongside her partner. Known for her dominance in eliminations, Emily has secured victories in all 5 of her battles. Her competitive spirit extends to “Champs vs. Stars,” where she triumphed in the first season, earning 7 daily wins and raising $55,000 for charity. With a total of 8 daily wins and earnings amounting to $104,000, Emily continues to be a respected and influential figure in “The Challenge” universe, known for her physical prowess, competitive drive, and charitable contributions.