Game Types: Confidence Pool

Choose who you think will advance at the elimination ceremony each week, with a twist.

Bracketology Game Types: Confidence Pool

This game type is best for those who will check regularly and set their picks weekly that are looking for more of a challenge – a spicier version of the Week to Week game type. Drop contestants from your lineup that you think won’t advance in the upcoming elimination ceremony. In addition, you will also assign point values to contestants based on how confident you are that they will advance at that ceremony. The higher the point value assigned, the more confident you are that they will advance. Score a varying number of points for each correct pick. Picks will lock for the next two ceremonies when each episode starts in Eastern Time. We always recommend making picks for the next two elimination ceremonies.

For every contestant that you correctly predict will advance in a given elimination ceremony, you will receive a variable amount of points, determined by the confidence level where you ranked each contestant. The higher the assigned point value, the more confident you are that contestant will advance.

In Ceremony 2, there are 10 contestants to choose from and 7 picks are required to be made in your Selected Zone (the 7 you think will survive elimination).


Rank the contestant you’re most confident will advance in slot 7, second-most confident in slot 6, etc. Since there are more contestants available than Selected confidence slots in this example, the 3 contestants you believe will get eliminated should be dragged and dropped into the Elimination Zone below. You receive points for each correct Selected pick, with points equal to the confidence slot in which the advancing contestant was placed.

For Our Visual Learners

Our CEO, Jonah, explains how the Confidence Pool Game Type works below.


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