Game Types: Week to Week

Choose who you think will advance at the elimination ceremony each week.

Bracketology Game Types: Week to Week

This is a classic Bracketology fantasy game, best for those who will check regularly and set their picks weekly. Drop contestants from your lineup that you think won’t advance in the upcoming elimination ceremony. Picks will lock for the next two ceremonies when each episode starts in Eastern Time. We always recommend making picks for the next two elimination ceremonies, in case an episode contains multiple elimination ceremonies. If a second elimination ceremony doesn’t occur, picks for the unscored ceremony will re-open after scores are published.

For every contestant that you correctly predict will advance in a given elimination ceremony, you will receive a uniform number of points. Our formula is as follows: Ceremony Number multiplied by Number of Correct Advancing Contestants = your score for that ceremony.

If in Ceremony 2, you correctly chose 15 contestants that advanced, you would be awarded (15×2) 30 points.

If in Ceremony 3, you correctly chose 11 contestants that advanced, you would be awarded 33 points for that Ceremony.

If in Ceremony 4, you correctly chose 9 contestants that advanced, you would be awarded 36 points for that Ceremony.

For Our Visual Learners

Our CEO, Jonah, explains how the Week to Week Game Type works below.


Other Fantasy Game Types

Bracketology offers four different game types, but not all shows allow for all four game types to be played. Each league can play in up to 3 game types per season. Learn more about the other game types below!