Bracketology Game Types: First Impression

Like March Madness, for reality TV.

Watch the first episode(s) and then make picks for your bracket just once.

This league type is great for those who are searching for a “set it and forget it” solution. After watching the first episode(s) of the show, you will read contestant bios, make judgements, and take a stab at determining who will get eliminated each week for the rest of the season. You’ll make picks for all elimination ceremonies at once, only being able to choose from a pool of contestants that you selected to advance in the previous round. This league type locks for the season when the second (or third) episode airs, so make sure all of your picks are made before the locking episode begins.


Scoring Points:

Throughout the season, you will be awarded points depending on which contestants stay and which contestants go. For every contestant that you correctly predict will advance in a given elimination ceremony, you will receive a set amount of points. Our formula is as follows: Ceremony Number multiplied by Number of Correct Advancing Contestants = your score for that ceremony.


For example:

If in Ceremony 2, you correctly chose 15 contestants that advanced, you would be awarded 30 points.

If in Ceremony 3, you correctly chose 11 contestants that advanced, you would be awarded 33 points.

If in Ceremony 4, you correctly chose 9 contestants that advanced, you would be awarded 36 points.

Other Fantasy Game Types