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How to Play Fantasy Big Brother

How do fantasy leagues for Big Brother work? Keep reading to learn more!

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Playing fantasy Big Brother has never been more fun.

It’s your favorite time of the year – Big Brother time. It’s finally time to see who gets to live in the BB house the whole summer and who gets sent packing early. If you’re like us, you’ve thought to yourself, “Wow; it would be so fun to have a game to play along with the show.”


Well, it’s here! You can play your own version of Big Brother (without being stuck in a house for two months and potentially eating slop). Bracketology offers four different Fantasy Big Brother game types: from creating a basketball-style bracket after the first episode, to picking who is going to survive Eviction each week, to choosing a different team of houseguests weekly that score (or lose) points based off doing/saying BB-related things. This challenge is on.

Getting started on Bracketology is easy.​

Download the App

The Bracketology app is available for both iOS & Android. Search 'Bracketology' in your App Store, or scan the QR code at the top of the page to be taken directly to the app listing.

Create an Account

If you're new to Bracketology, welcome! You'll need to go through the Account Creation flow to get started. Enter your email & password, choose a username, and upload a profile picture. Once you've verified your email, you can use your recently created username & password to log in.

Add Big Brother to 'Your Shows'

Bracketology offers fantasy gaming for a variety of reality TV shows. If this is your first time using the app, after logging in, you'll be prompted to select your first show. Choose 'Big Brother' and you'll be ready to join some leagues. If you have already played fantasy games on Bracketology for another show, use the 'Add Shows' menu in the upper left corner of your app, click the '+" button & add Big Brother to your show list.

Let's talk about leagues.

After you’ve added Big Brother to Your Shows, you will be automatically added to the Official Big Brother League. Here, you can compete against Big Brother fans site-wide. You also have the option to join or create as many additional leagues as you want. The best part? You can easily submit the same lineup to multiple leagues – no need to remake picks for each one – making it easy to be in as many leagues as you want.

Join Leagues

Once you’re on the Leagues tab, swipe over to the ‘Join Leagues’ section to see all of the Public leagues available to join. 

Create a League

Looking to adopt the role of ‘commissioner’ and create your own league? We love it. Just click the Create New + button and follow the instructions. You’ll be asked to create a league name, description, add a photo for the league icon, and any social links you might want to direct your league-mates to. After, you’ll be prompted to choose up to 3 game types in which your league can compete, as well as decide the privacy of your league (private = invite only, public = searchable in the league directory and anyone can join).

Making your picks.

Don't forget to make picks for all game types!

Every league commissioner can choose up to 3 game types for their league, and if you’re only making picks for one game type, you are only getting partial points. You can submit picks for all game types from your Picks tab, or go into each league to submit a unique lineup. Click on a game type below to learn more about how each one works.


Similar to fantasy football. Draft a new team of houseguests for each episode, and win or lose points based on things they do and say – with custom Big Brother rules.

Build an elimination-style bracket one time, for the full season, guessing which houseguests will advance through each Eviction. Earn points for each correct pick.

Make picks weekly, selecting contestants who you believe will survive elimination after each Eviction. Receive a uniform number of points for each correct pick.

Week to Week, with a twist. Rank how confident you are that each houseguest will survive elimination, assigning your most confident pick to the highest point value.

Make sure your push notifications are turned on.

Can’t score points if you don’t make picks. We do our best to ensure that you don’t forget by sending (a very reasonable amount of) push notifications whenever it’s time to set your lineups. Check your phone settings (Settings > Notifications) and make sure all notifications are turned ON so you receive these important reminders. We’ll also send pick reminders via email, so make sure you are opted-in to receive those, too.

Watch Big Brother every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Tune in 3x weekly to watch Bg Brother on CBS. Don’t worry though – we’ll do all the fantasy scoring for you so you can just sit back and relax.

Get in on the Conversation

One of the best parts about reality TV is all of the great social content that it inspires. Follow us on Twitter (@bracketologytv), Instagram (, and TikTok ( to hear our thoughts on each episode, participate in our polls, and more.

Then check your scores!

Scores are generally posted 1x per week, about an hour after the Live Eviction episode ends on Thursdays.

View your own scoring breakdown.

Head back over to your Picks tab to see how all of your lineups faired in the episode. For the Advanced game, you can click on your lineup to see a breakdown of how each houseguest earned (or lost) their points.

Check your league scoreboards to see how you did.

Within each league, users can view a Total scoreboard that combines all game type scores from within that league into one overall leaderboard. Only making picks for one game type within your league? You can see how you rank on each individual game type scoreboard, too.

See how your picks stacked up against the competition.

A full Scoring Recap is published after every episode that lets you see how each contestant did that episode. You can find the Big Brother Scoring Recaps by using the 3-dots menu in the upper right corner of your app, or view them here.

Bracketology is the best way to watch reality TV!