How To Play Fantasy Survivor

How do fantasy leagues for Survivor work?

Survivor Fantasy Leagues Are Starting Soon!

It’s your favorite time of the year – Survivor. It’s time to see who gets to walk back to camp with their torch and who is walking off in the dark. If you’re like us, you’ve thought to yourself, “Wow, it would be so fun to have a game to play along with the show.”


Well, it’s here!


You can play your own version of Survivor (without trying to live off of scoops of rice for a month). Bracketology offers four different game types, everything from creating a March Madness-type bracket after the first episode, to picking who is going to move on each week, to choosing a different team of contestants weekly that score (or lose) points based off doing/saying Survivor related things. This challenge is on.


If you’re new to Bracketology, you can create an account here, or simply just sign-in if you are a veteran. Then navigate to the gaming portion of the site (our web app) by clicking Play in the top navigation bar where you can use the show dropdown or click on Survivor to play along. With almost 600,000 people who have created accounts on, you will be joining a family of reality TV fans.


First step is joining a community. Whether it is with a group of friends or the Official Bracketology Community, the purpose here is so you can play reality TV fantasy games with the same people across multiple shows. Rather than having to join new leagues and have a cluttered dashboard, you can stay within the same community year-over-year and keep your fantasy gaming competitive! 


Once you’re in a community, create or join the community’s Survivor league. Within the league, you can play up to 3 game types at the same time. There are four different game types to choose from, and you can read more about each game type below or click on the game type header for a more in-depth look:

You will draft a team of contestants every week.

Depending on what your contestants do and say during the episode, they will either gain or lose points.


If someone finds a hidden immunity idol or wins a challenge, win some points! Check out the rest of the rules to see all the ways you can win or lose.

Each week, take a look at who is still remaining and make your picks for who can grab their torches and head back to camp.


If you guess wrong and your pick goes home, you get no points!


However, if you guess right, you can go ahead and sit back and tally those votes with a smile.

It’s the same as week to week but you’re going to rank your confidence of each contestant moving on to the next week. The higher you rank someone in confidence, the more points you get if they move on.


So, if you think Boston Rob is going to not be voted off the island, and you are 100% confident of this, then you’re going to want to rank him as your most confident pick for the most points.


If you think Kelley Wentworth has a better shot at surviving tribal than Ozzy, then you’ll want to rank her higher.

Take a look at all the contestants from the very first episode and predict who will move on each week, all the way to being crowned the winner. It’s like a March Madness bracket, but for Survivor.


You don’t get much information, just a quick glance. Who do you think presents themselves like a survivor? Who is going to go home early?


Make your best guess and see how accurate you are as the season goes on. Picks for the entire season are only made once, and those picks lock before the second episode airs, so choose wisely!


Tune into Survivor on CBS. Scores are posted within your league and on the scoring recap pages here and here a few hours after the show airs each Wednesday night, so check back to track your scores and see how you performed. Will you be crowned the sole survivor (winner) of your league? Good luck.