Jodi Weatherton

Age: 43 Hometown: Falls Church, VA

Jodi Weatherton, a seasoned competitor hailing from Falls Church, Virginia, is 43 years old. Known for her roots on “Road Rules: X-Treme,” Jodi has made a significant impact on “The Challenge” with appearances in seasons such as “The Inferno II,” “The Gauntlet 2,” where she emerged victorious, and “The Duel,” which she also won. Her career highlights include an impressive total of 19 daily wins and engagement in 1 elimination, resulting in a loss. Jodi’s competitive prowess extends to “All Stars,” where she competed in “All Stars 2,” securing 4 daily wins and engaging in 2 eliminations with 1 win and 1 loss. She has also participated in the “World Championship,” accumulating 2 eliminations with a balanced record of 1 win and 1 loss. With career earnings amounting to $176,666, Jodi continues to be a respected and influential figure in “The Challenge” universe, known for her strategic gameplay and enduring competitive spirit.