Cut the theatrics, Romeo – it might just be time to leave Paradise… 


This week on Bachelor in Paradise, we witness everything from blossoming relationships to dating disasters.  There are more love triangles than actual couples, and with so much uncertainty on this beach,  those “relationships” could fall to shambles at any second.  On top of this, our favorite best friend duo – James and Aaron, are BACK and ready to shake things up. Romeo tries his luck with every girl on the beach (literally), and an unexpected contestant Irish goodbyes from Paradise.  Let’s get into the dramatics. 

Love Triangles and Disaster

First of all, it’s important to note that Victoria F arrives at Paradise full steam ahead. Not only is she the main component of multiple love triangles, but she also has the pure intention of wreaking havoc amongst all couples.


With that said, the first love triangle in Paradise forms between Justin, Genevieve and Victoria F. Off the bat (and after many margs), sparks fly between Justin and Genevieve. Well, that is until Victoria appears and sparks mass hysteria amongst the beach goers. Victoria takes Justin on an adventurous date, they have a blast together, and now things are complicated. Genevieve is spiraling – she spends the remainder of the week crying, thinking that she’ll be sent home on her BIRTHDAY (her actual birthday, *cough cough* Lace).


The second love triangle catching flame includes Johnny, Hunter, and Victoria F (shocking right?). Johnny and Hunter seem good together all week – they’re fun, light spirited, and it seems that Hunter is on a straight path towards receiving Johnny’s rose… Or is she? On the night of the Rose Ceremony, Victoria decides she wants Johnny, and Johnny is ALL in. Paradise is quaking – the chaos for which we watch is FINALLY HERE!

This last triangle is kind of tricky to explain because it’s more so a square. Long story short, Logan is interested in Shanae, and Shanae likes Logan. Shanae and Logan have an amazing date and are seemingly really happy together. Enter James and Aaron, and now Shanae is interested in James! All the while, Aaron likes Genevieve, but don’t worry, it gets juicier. James takes Shanae on a double date with Aaron and Genevieve… super awkward. So now, Logan likes Shanae, but Shanae likes Logan and James, and sparks might be there between Aaron and Genevieve? This will be a love square worth watching!

On another note, Romeo actually strikes out with every girl in Paradise. Enough said.

And to conclude the dating disaster portion of this article, we have to mention the shocking and unexpected Irish goodbye from a fan favorite, Teddi.  She breaks down, super confused why she’s not that interested in Andrew given how highly she thinks of him.  *Cue her disappearance from Paradise*

Love in Paradise

The most solid relationship in Paradise right now would have to be Serene & Brandon.  This couple hit it off on day 1 and never looked back.  If there is one thing they love more than spending all day with each other, it would be napping and eating tacos!  Let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to nap and eat tacos all day with Brandon and Serene?


Micheal A and Sierra are another couple that is blooming right now (WOOO)!  They share a few sweet moments together and a kiss!  They’re off to a lovely start, and we’re more than here for it.

1st Rose Ceremony

Andrew & Teddi 

Sierra & Michael 

Brandon & Serene

Shanae & Logan

Casey & Brittany

Jacob & Lace

Justin & Genevieve 

Johnny & Victoria

Romeo & Jill