The Bachelorette Advanced Game Rules

Choose a new team each week. Your contestants will earn or lose points based on the rules below.

It's like fantasy football, for The Bachelorette.

Choose a new team each week. 
Your players earn or lose points based on the rules below.

The perfect game type for The Bachelorette super fans who want to avoid the impact of spoilers. Every week, you’ll choose a team of contestants who will earn (or lose) points depending on what they say or do during the episode. After each episode, you will have the option to choose a new team for the following week.

Season-long Rules

Can be earned once per Episode, can be earned by multiple contestants.

The Bachelorette is a game after all...

These rules all pertain to The Bachelorette gameplay, roses, and dates.


+3    Contestant is chosen for a group date

+7    Contestant is chosen for a 1-on-1 date



+4    Contestant wins a group date competition as part of a team

+6    Contestant wins a group date competition as an individual

+6    Contestant wins solo time after a group date (2-on-1 or more, bonus on top of winning competition points)



+X    Contestant receives rose (with points equal to 2x the Episode number (Episode 1 = 2 points, Episode 2 = 4 points, etc.))

+5    Contestant receives group date rose (2-on-1 or more, bonus on top of regular rose points)

-3    Receives the final rose in a regular Rose Ceremony

-10   Contestant gets eliminated by the Bachelorette at a Rose Ceremony

-13   Leaves of their own accord or gets sent home outside of a Rose Ceremony

Getting in on the action.

Keep an eye out for these contestant actions to be done on screen.


+3    Kisses the Bachelorette

+4    First to be seen hugging the Bachelorette during a group date

+4    The Bachelorette gives contestant a wraparound/jump & straddle hug



+3    Contestant is seen eating (food must be seen entering mouth)

+3    Contestant is shirtless while one-on-one with the Bachelorette

+4    Reads the date card

+4    Boat/plane/helicopter ride with the Bachelorette (personal watercrafts don’t count)

+4    Dances 1-on-1 with the Bachelorette

+4    Contestant is seen in hot tub

+5    First to get 1-on-1 time with the Bachelorette at a group date afterparty/cocktail party

+6    Seen popping a bottle of champagne



-5    Crashes a date or steals the Bachelorette from another contestant when he already has a rose

-6    Contestant requires medical attention, initiates a physical altercation (outside of competition part of group dates), or vomits

Just like The Bachelorette, we're listening.

Keep your ears peeled for the following Bachelorette buzzwords and phrases.


+2    Uses the word “connection” or “journey”

+4    Contestant says “I’m here for you/her/[Bachelorette name]/love”

+5    Contestant references seeing a future (including mentioning husband/wife/family) with the Bachelorette



+4    Contestant asks to steal (or other synonym) the Bachelorette away from another contestant

+4    Contestant mentions that someone is there for the wrong/not right reasons

-2    Word is bleeped out

-4    Contestant references not having enough “time” with the Bachelorette



+8    Contestant tells the Bachelorette they are “falling/in love” with her

+10   The Bachelorette tells contestant “I’m falling in love with/I love you”

Limited Time Only Rules

These rules are important, but only relevant for certain parts of the season.

If you're not first, you don't get points.

The following rules will only be scored Once per Season - for the first person to complete the rule.


+5    First official Hometown date to air

+7    First Fantasy Suite date to air

-3    First contestant to refer to their “ex” or a previous relationship

-4    First contestant to mention a previous Bachelor Franchise lead

-6    First person to be accused of being there for the wrong/not right reasons



+9    First contestant to tell the Bachelorette “I am falling in love with you”

+11    First contestant to say “I love you” to the Bachelorette

+14   First contestant the Bachelorette says “I love you” to

First impressions are everything. Premiere night only rules.

The following points will only be scored during Episode 1, so take extra consideration of these when making your first picks.


+3    Contestant brings a prop to their limo intro

+4    Contestant wears a costume or uniform to their limo intro

+5    Contestant rides in on something other than a limo

+5    Speaks a language other than English during limo intros

+7    Contestant kisses the Bachelorette on lips at limo intro (bonus on top of kissing points)



+4    First solo time with the Bachelorette (after limos)

+4    Contestant pays compliment directly to the Bachelorette for being pretty/cute/beautiful, etc.

+6    First kiss with the Bachelorette after limo intros end

+7    Contestant receives First Impression rose

-7    Contestant gets eliminated by the Bachelorette or leaves on Night 1 (punishment less harsh early in the season)

Sit back & let us handle the scoring.

All leagues are automatically scored after each episode, with results posted after the episode airs on the West Coast. Point breakdowns for each contestant can be found in the app, or in our Scoring Recaps.