Amazing Race Advanced Game Rules

Choose a new team each week. Your players will earn or lose points based on the rules below.

It's like fantasy football, for The Amazing Race.

Choose a new team each week. Your players earn or lose points based on the rules below.

The perfect game type for The Amazing Race super fans who want to avoid the impact of spoilers. Every week, you’ll choose a lineup of teams who will earn (or lose) points depending on what they say or do during the episode. After each episode, you will have the option to choose a new team for the following week.

Bracketology is the best way to watch reality TV!

Season-long Rules

Can be earned once per Episode, can be earned by multiple contestants.

The Race is on...

These rules all pertain to The Amazing Race gameplay: Pit Stops, Roadblocks, and Detours.


+3    Team comes in 1st-5th at the Pit Stop (5x points for 1st, 4x for 2nd, etc.)

+3    Bonus: Team comes in 1st at Pit Stop and doesn’t start in first group for that leg

+3    Bonus: Finishes 1st on a Megaleg

-9    Team comes in last at Pit Stop/gets eliminated



+3    Completes Roadblock/Detour in 1-2 attempts (when attempts are applicable, attempts reset if Detour is switched)

+4    First to finish a Roadblock/Detour or win an Express Pass (2x-3x points if team wins both or all three)

-2    Switches Detour options by choice

-3    Takes a penalty

-5    Team gets a setback used on them (U-Turn, Yield, etc.)

Getting in on the action.

Keep an eye out for these contestant actions to be done on screen.


+3    Team forms an alliance/helps another team (both teams receive points)

+3    Interacts with a live animal

+4    Asks a local for directions using their map or local’s phone/computer

+5    Member of team gets a backstory clip package (old photo/video must be shown)

-2    Member of team cries due to argument with teammate (tear must be seen on cheek/wiped away)

-3    Team gets into car accident/has car trouble that requires external help

-4    Requires medical attention

-5    Forgets something and has to go back/turned away from mat for missing item

Listen to directions!

Keep your ears peeled for the following Amazing Race buzzwords and phrases.


+3    Member of team references something on the show as beautiful or a positive experience

+4    Member of team says “The Amazing Race,” “Season 36,” or “Super/huge fan”

+5    Member of team says the quote that inspired the Episode title



+3    Member of team says “strategy” or version of that word

+3    Member of team says “connection” or “journey”

+4    Member of team refers to themselves/teammate as a “fighter” or that they won’t give up

-3    Team gets referred to as a “threat” or “target”



+3    Member of team references the prize money

-3     Word is bleeped out/contestant is censored

Limited Time Only Rules

These rules are important, but only relevant for certain parts of the season.

If you're not first, you don't get points.

The following rules will only be scored Once per Season - for the first team to complete the rule.


+5    First team to win a leg (Completed 3/20 – Rod & Leticia)

+7    First to finish a Roadblock or Detour involving heights (Completed 4/10 – Juan & Shane)

+15   Wins The Amazing Race (Completed 5/15 – Ricky & Cesar)

Sit back & let us handle the scoring.

All leagues are automatically scored after each episode, with results posted after the episode airs on the West Coast. Point breakdowns for each team can be found in our Scoring Recaps.