Drag Race Advanced Game Rules

Choose a new team each week. Your queens will earn or lose points based on the rules below.

It's like fantasy football, for RuPaul's Drag Race.

Choose a new team each week. 
Your players earn or lose points based on the rules below. The perfect league type for Drag Race super fans who want to avoid the impact of spoilers. Every week, you’ll choose a team of queens who you think will have the most success in their challenges and on the main stage. After each episode, you will have the option to choose a new team for the following week.

Season-long Rules

Can be earned once per Episode, can be earned by multiple contestants.

America's Next Drag Superstar!

These rules all pertain to Drag Race gameplay, challenges, and eliminations.


+7    Queen wins a Mini Challenge

+8    Queen wins a Maxi Challenge (in addition to points for being in the top)

+10   Queen scores in the top for a Maxi Challenge

-6    Queen scores in the bottom for a Maxi Challenge



+6    Wins Lip Sync for Your Life

-4    Participates in Lip Sync for Your Life

-10   Has to sashay away (gets eliminated)

Getting in on the action.

Keep an eye out for these contestant actions to be done on screen.


+4    Queen does a death drop/splits

+4    Queen removes an article of clothing on Runway or during Lip Sync

+6    Production cuts to Queens’ confessional during their Runway instead of just a voiceover explaining their outfit



+5    Cries (tear must be seen on cheek/being wiped from under eye)

+5    Queen is chosen by Ru/volunteers to assign teams/roles for a Mini or Maxi Challenge

+6    Queen gets a backstory clip package (old photo/video of theirs must be shown, includes family video messages)

We're always listening.

Keep your ears peeled for the following Drag Race buzzwords and phrases.


+3    Queen says “giving” or “serving”

+3    Queen says “connection” or “journey”

+4    Queen says “slay” or “fierce”

+5    Queen says “gagged” or “sickening”

+6    Queen says “delusion” or references Drag Race “herstory”

-4    Queen is accused of being delusional/having drag delusion



+4    One-on-one conversation with Ru

+4    Queen says positive things about a celebrity guest judge

+6    References a Drag Race contestant from a previous season

-4    Judge references that Queen needs to show more/open up/take more risk

Limited Time Only Rules

These rules are important, but only relevant for certain parts of the season.

If you're not first, you don't get points.

The following rules will only be scored Once per Season - for the first person to complete the rule.


+5    First Lip Sync win of the season (after the Premiere episodes, Completed 1/19 – Geneva Karr)

+5    First Queen to win two Maxi Challenges in the season (points awarded in episode when second win occurs, Completed 2/16 – Plasma)

+6    First individual Maxi Challenge win of the season (after the Premiere episodes, Completed 1/19 – Nymphia Wind)

+25  Wins title of “America’s Next Drag Superstar” (Completed 4/19 – Nymphia Wind)

Sit back & let us handle the scoring.

All leagues are automatically scored after each episode, with results posted after the episode airs on the West Coast. Point breakdowns for each contestant can be found in our Scoring Recaps.