Survivor Advanced Game Rules

Choose a new team each week. Your contestants will earn or lose points based on the rules below.

It's like fantasy football, for Survivor.​

Choose a new team each week. Your players earn or lose points based on the rules below.

The perfect game type for Survivor super fans who want to avoid the impact of spoilers. Every week, you’ll choose a team of castaways who will compete to win immunity and stay safe at the next Tribal Council. After each Tribal Council, you will have the option to choose a new team for the following week.

Bracketology is the best way to watch reality TV!

Season-long Rules

Can be earned once per Episode, can be earned by multiple contestants.

Outwit, Outplay, Outlast

These rules all pertain to Survivor gameplay, challenges, and immunity.


+1     For each person that Castaway beats in an ordered individual immunity challenge

+5    Castaway wins immunity as part of full tribe

+7    Castaway comes in first place in a challenge (individual or part of a team)

+9    Castaway wins individual immunity (bonus in addition to coming in first in a challenge)

-3     Castaway doesn’t participate during a reward or immunity challenge

-5     Castaway is first to get eliminated during an individual immunity challenge



+3    Castaway earns or is chosen to receive a reward

+3    Castaway goes on a journey (not including reward journeys)

+4    Castaway finds/receives an idol/advantage

+6    Castaway plays an idol/advantage (including using extra vote)

-6    Castaway plays a fake idol or gets eliminated while a real idol is in their possession



+2    Each tribal vote blocked by a castaway’s immunity idol (2x points if played on themself, in addition to points for playing an idol)

-2     Each vote cast against castaway at Tribal (post-merge)

-3     Each vote cast against castaway at Tribal (pre-merge)

-5     Castaway is unable to vote at Tribal

-8     Gets eliminated


Getting in on the action.

If a castaway does one of the following rules, they will gain or lose the corresponding points.


+3    Is seen swimming or fishing (not including challenges)

+4    Is seen eating on camera (food must be seen entering mouth)

+5    Starts a fire at camp

+5    First to be seen walking into a challenge

+5    Gets a backstory clip package



+2    Castaway says “connection” or “journey”

+2    Castaway references someone’s name being thrown out/down

+3    Castaway says “make a big/huge move” or variation

+3    Castaway references the prize money

+3    Castaway references something being good/best for their game

+4    Castaway says “strategy” or “blindside”

+4    Castaway is referred to by another castaway as being trusted/someone they can work with

+4    Castaway says current or previous Survivor season title, or mentions a past Survivor contestant

+5    Castaway says the quote that inspired the episode title



-2    Castaway has word bleeped out/contestant is censored

-3    Castaway is referred to by another castaway as someone that can’t be trusted/can’t work with

-3    Castaway mentions Survivor being hard/harder than expected/unlike what’s seen on TV

-4    Castaway is referred to by another castaway as being a “threat” or “target”

-4    Castaway requires medical attention

-5    Castaway leaves/sent home outside of a tribal council

Limited Time Only Rules

These rules are important, but only relevant for certain parts of the season.

If you're not first, you don't get points.

The following rules will only be scored Once per Season - for the first person to complete the rule.


+5    First to say they are a ‘Survivor Superfan’ (COMPLETED 2/28 – BHANU)

+5    First to mention the merge (COMPLETED 2/28 – JELINSKY)

+5    First to receive an advantage (COMPLETED 2/28 – MARIA, TEVIN)

+5    First to find an idol (COMPLETED 2/28 – TIFFANY)

+7    First to play an idol

+25  Wins & becomes Sole Survivor

Sit back & let us handle the scoring.

All leagues are automatically scored after each episode, with results posted after the episode airs on the West Coast. Point breakdowns for each castaway can be found in our Scoring Recaps.