Big Brother Advanced Game Rules

Choose a new team each week. Your Houseguests will earn or lose points based on the rules below.

It's like fantasy football, for Big Brother.

Choose a new team each week. 
Your players earn or lose points based on the rules below.

The perfect game type for Big Brother super fans who want to avoid the impact of spoilers. Every week, you’ll choose a team of contestants who will earn (or lose) points depending on what they say or do during the episode. After each episode, you will have the option to choose a new team for the following week.

Season-long Rules

Can be earned once per Episode, can be earned by multiple contestants.

Big Brother is a game after all...

These rules all pertain to Big Brother gameplay: comps, noms, voting, and evictions.


+1     For each person that Houseguest beats in the HOH/Power of Veto competition

+3    Participates in Power of Veto competition

+4    Houseguest wins competition (solo or part of team, includes winning stages to advance to finals)

+5    Houseguest wins HOH AND Power of Veto in same week

+5    Power of Veto is used on this Houseguest to remove them from nomination block

+6    Houseguest uses the Power of Veto

+8    Houseguest wins Power of Veto (bonus in addition to competition win)

+10   Houseguest wins Head of Household (bonus in addition to competition win)

-6    Houseguest takes last place in competition (solo or part of team)



-1     For each vote cast against Houseguest at Eviction

-3    Houseguest is nominated for eviction in place of a vetoed player (penalty in addition to nomination)

-5    Houseguest is nominated for eviction by HOH

-8    Houseguest is evicted/removed

Big Brother is watching.

Keep an eye out for these contestant actions to be done on screen.


+2    Houseguest is shown cuddling with another Houseguest on bed/couch/floor

+3    Houseguest is seen shirtless or in a bikini

+4    Houseguest is seen exercising/working out (outside of competitions/punishments)

-3    Houseguest is a “have not” for the week

-4    Houseguest kisses another Houseguest

-6    Houseguest vomits/requires medical attention



+3    Houseguest is shown eating on camera (food must be seen entering mouth)

+4    Houseguest’s goodbye video message is shown post-eviction

+4    Houseguest speaks directly to camera, outside of a cut-scene interview (must be solo in room)

+5    Houseguest has 1-on-1 conversation with HOH in HOH bedroom (HOH doesn’t get points)

Big Brother is listening.

Keep your ears peeled for the following Big Brother buzzwords and phrases.


+2    Houseguest uses the word “pawn”

+3    Houseguest references something being good for their game

+4    Houseguest uses the phrase “make a big/large/huge etc. move” or “take a shot”

+4    Houseguest says “blood on my hands” or similar phrase

+5    Houseguest says “back door” or “blindside”

+6    Houseguest lies about who they voted for to another Houseguest

+7    Houseguest admits to throwing a competition while in the Diary Room

-3    Houseguest gets referred to as being a threat or target



+3    Houseguest gets referred to as being “trusted/trustworthy” by another Houseguest

+5    Houseguest calls someone out by name in Power of Veto or eviction plea

-3    Houseguest gets referred to by another Houseguest as someone who can’t be trusted



+2    Houseguest uses the word “showmance”

+3    Houseguest mentions the prize money (or exact dollar amount)

+4    Houseguest mentions a previous season Big Brother Houseguest by name

-2    Houseguest gets muted/bleeped out

Limited Time Only Rules

These rules are important, but only relevant for certain parts of the season.

If you're not first, you don't get points.

The following rules will only be scored Once per Season - for the first person to complete the rule.


+5    First Houseguest to win Head of Household

+7    First Houseguest to use Power of Veto on themself

+20  Houseguest wins Big Brother

-6    First Houseguest to get evicted



+3    First Houseguest to talk about their pet

+4    First Houseguest to talk about their significant other/child

+5    First Houseguest to say they are a Big Brother “superfan”



+4    Houseguest comes up with the name that is used for an alliance (one time points for each alliance name)

+6    Houseguest lies about their profession/job to another Houseguest (once per season per contestant)

Sit back & let us handle the scoring.

All leagues are automatically scored after each episode, with results posted once per week after the Live Eviction episode airs on the West Coast. Point breakdowns for each contestant can be found in the app, or in our Scoring Recaps.