Katurah Topps

Age: 36 Hometown: St. Louis, MO Occupation: Civil Rights Attorney

Katurah Topps, a 35-year-old civil rights attorney hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, and residing in Brooklyn, New York, is best described as calculating, determined, and unexpectedly strategic. Katurah is a member of the Belo tribe. Her motivation to join Survivor stems from her desire to rediscover the formidable woman within her and to embrace the thrill of confronting her fears. Katurah draws her strength and preparation from a life shaped by being a Black, queer woman raised in poverty. She identifies with Natalie and Spencer for their relentless determination, envisioning a gameplay blend of Natalie’s resolve and Rob’s strategic leadership without going overboard. In an alliance partner, she values unwavering loyalty, akin to Laurel’s commitment to Wendell. Beyond Survivor, Katurah’s passions include hot yoga, savoring exquisite cuisine in scenic locales, and fighting systemic racism, reflecting her indomitable spirit and commitment to justice.