Attention Survivor Players: If you find a Beware Advantage while scouring the island for an idol, you might want to take a second to assess the situation (cough cough Cody).


Episode 2: Lovable Curmudgeon, is everything and more for a Survivor fan. The castaway’s deceptive personalities from Day 1 have completely subsided, and the scheming has begun. On top of that, the first blindside of the season is made in a SHOCKING Tribal Council Ceremony, sending home an unexpected castaway – let’s get into it.

Talkin' Tribes

Baka: In the Baka tribe, castaways still standing are: Gabler, Owen, Sami, Jeanine and Elie. This is a team of underdogs, and we’re starting to see a split between the men and women. Jeanine and Elie start to wonder if the men are talking any game, but the men already set their alliance in stone.  We start to notice Gabler is struggling physically, but his alliance with Sami and Owen should keep him in the game for a bit.  We also learn something about Owen, as he describes himself as a “Lovable Curmudgeon” – interesting!


The Baka tribe WINS immunity in a grueling physical & mental competition. Not only do they win immunity, but they also gain access to swimming and fishing gear, too. It seems that Baka can relax, for now

Vesi: Castaways still standing in the Vesi tribe are: Jesse, Dwight, Noelle, Justine, Cody, and Nneka. This team has a lot of personality, and the tribe is split into 3 separate alliances. We have Jesse & Dwight, Noelle & Justine, and Cody & Nneka.  There seems to be some tension between the tribe members, as some of the castaways are playing harder than others. On one hand, you have Noelle, who seems to have one gear (go), and on the other, there’s Cody who is simply “Livin”.


Vesi STRUGGLES in the immunity competition, and it is obvious that Nneka couldn’t carry her weight. The team can’t complete the puzzle fast enough, and now has to face Tribal Council. 

Coco: In the Coco tribe, castaways still afloat are: Geo, Cassidy, James, Karla, Lindsay, and Ryan. This tribe seems to be pretty solid so far, and we’re seeing a fun alliance blossom between Geo and Ryan. Otherwise, these castaways are keeping it pretty lowkey. 


In the immunity competition, they were able to complete the puzzle before Vesi, which means safety from Tribal Council.  In turn for coming in 2nd place, they are also rewarded with a small fishing kit.

The Tribe Has Spoken

Vesi is in Tribal Council and one castaway will be heading home. Prior to the ceremony, pure chaos breaks out amongst the tribe.  Noelle, Justine and Dwight want to send Nneka home, but Cody, Nneka and Jesse are planning to send Justine home.  All the while, Dwight doesn’t even have a vote, and is essentially irrelevant!  At this point, Cody, Nneka and Jesse have the votes to send Justine home, and nothing should hinder that from occurring. 


Of course, that would be too easy… While looking for an idol, Cody stumbles upon a Beware Advantage, and without hesitation decides to open it. The Beware Advantage holds a challenge for Cody; He must collect each Vesi tribe member’s “special bead.”  There’s a catch: the bead must be handed to him from the specific castaway, so as not to be stolen. If he DOES NOT receive everyone’s bead, then he will have NO vote at Tribal Council, which would place Nneka in a position to be sent home.


This task would seem impossible to the average Survivor player, but luckily, Cody is the perfect castaway to receive this challenge. He manages to sway everyone into giving him their beads, with which he adds to his palm frond hat to wear to Tribal Council.  Lesson here:  Never trust a person who works in Sales.


The final vote totals were Justine (3), Nneka (1), and Cody (1), and Justine was the 2nd person eliminated from Survivor 43.