Austin Ott

Age: 27 Hometown: San Diego, CA Occupation: Sales Executive

Austin Ott, a 28-year-old sales executive hailing from the sunny shores of San Diego, California, embodies the quintessential California spirit. He’s on a quest for love, seeking a partner who shares his love for beach outings, sushi dinners, and the dream of building a lifetime of memories together. Despite his unconventional hairstyle choice – a mullet that he wears with pride – Austin’s sincerity shines through as he seeks an honest, loving companion with whom to start a family. Driven by a desire to provide for his future family, Austin pours his heart into his sales career, always striving for a brighter tomorrow. Beyond the boardroom, he finds joy in baseball, cheering on the Padres, and keeping in touch with his beloved mom. Beneath his charming exterior lies a man with quirks like harboring a secret desire to step into Justin Bieber’s shoes for a day and being inseparable from his retainers. However, one thing that sends shivers down Austin’s spine is his intense fear of snakes. With his sweet demeanor and undeniable charisma, we’re eagerly anticipating the sparks that may fly when he meets our Bachelorette.