Kayla Rodgers

Age: 27 Hometown: Hamilton, OH Occupation: Guidance Counselor

Kayla Rodgers, a 27-year-old Guidance Counselor from Hamilton, Ohio, exudes an outgoing, trustworthy, and unapologetically vibrant persona. Having navigated an eight-year serious relationship, Kayla realized her readiness for a lifelong commitment, a desire not reciprocated by her former partner. Determined and steadfast in her dating intentions, she’s earnestly seeking ‘the one,’ yearning for stability and a partner who shares her aspiration for a family. As a high school counselor, she aims to step into her “soft girl” phase, embracing a tranquil future while seeking a man prepared for parenthood. Tired of being the perpetual third wheel among her friends, she hopes to find her forever plus-one in Joey.