Laurel Stucky

Age: 39 Hometown: Detroit, MI

Laurel Stucky, originally from Detroit, Michigan, is 39 years old and has made a significant impact on “The Challenge” since her debut. Known for her fierce competitiveness, Laurel has participated in seasons like “Fresh Meat II,” where she reached the final, “Cutthroat,” also making it to the final, “Rivals,” “Free Agents,” which she won, “Invasion of the Champions,” “War of the Worlds 2,” and “Ride or Dies.” Her impressive record includes 20 daily wins and engagement in 13 eliminations, with 10 wins and 3 losses. Laurel has also excelled in 2 mercenary eliminations, securing 1 win and experiencing 1 loss. In “All Stars,” Laurel continued her winning streak, triumphing in “All Stars 4” and accumulating 5 daily wins. Her career earnings total $201,000, further underscoring her dominance and dedication in the competitive reality television landscape.